Jeopardy questions, how to endanger characters

Pauline N Peril flees for her life down a rocky mountain path. To her left and right are pits of deadly red hot lava. Behind her are the minions of the evil Count von Cloakenstache. Pauline has discovered the count’s evil plans of evil, and is desperate to deliver them to the rebellion before it … Read more

Unpopular opinions! Why do you think what you think

Last week I received an email from Amazon telling me about all the things they wanted me to buy. What struck me about this email however, was that whatever the product, the only accolade anything was given, from books, to music, to clothes, to cinema tickets to the latest Netflix series, was that it was … Read more

My Top 30 Fantasy Books, by Joshua S Hill

Having been reviewing fantasy books for well over a decade now – and having been with Fantasy Book Review since 2008 – I have read a great many books: As of early 2020 I have written over 375 reviews for FBR. When Fantasy Book Review developed its new Top 100 Fantasy Books list it fell … Read more

Likeable characters in literature

Atticus Finch - literature's most likeable character?

Occasionally, whilst my lady is reading, I will hear an exasperated sigh, and when I ask what’s wrong, she will reply in a resigned tone: “I’m not enjoying this book, there’s just nobody in it I can like”. If you look on Google, you will find a large amount of essays, books, YouTube videos and … Read more