Midnight Tides – GLOSSARY

Looking for a perfect book to accompany you during your Spain holidays with your family? Then this latest offering is what you are looking for! Letherii Titles Acquitor: a sanctioned position as guide/factor when dealing with non-Letherii peoples Atri-Preda: military commander who governs a city or town Ceda: title of King’s own mage Finadd: equivalent … Read more


THE TISTE EDUR Tomad Sengar, a patriarch of the Sengar Bloodline Uruth, matriarch of the Sengar Bloodline Fear Sengar, Eldest Son, Weapons Master of the Tribes Trull Sengar, Second Son Binadas Sengar, Third Son Rhulad Sengar, Fourth and Youngest Son Mayen, Fear’s Betrothed Hannan Mosag, Warlock King of the Six Tribes Confederacy Theradas Buhn, Eldest … Read more

The Duncton Chronicles – inspiration and acknowledgement

Since Duncton Wood was first published in 1979, William Horwood has received thousands of letters from readers asking about the conception and writing of what has become a fantasy classic. He has been able to provide some answers through correspondence and at a limited number of public talks. However, now that The Duncton Chronicles trilogy … Read more

Wolf Brother: the movie

The movie version of Michelle Paver’s highly successful fantasy novel Wolf Brother was first scheduled for a 2007 US release but news has been think on the ground since. Encouragingly though is the fact that Ridley Scott’s name is still attached to the film, due to be distributed by 20th Century Fox. In getting Ridley … Read more

The best fantasy characters

The fantasy genre has always been very good at portraying characters that are good or evil. In recent times this distinction has become blurred due to the new breed of authors creating sympathetic villians and flawed heroes. We have put together a collection of our favourite characters from the fantasy genre. We have focused mainly … Read more