Bards and Scribes: The Cannibal

The Cannibal

Jesse Teller is mentally disabled. He suffers from PTSD from an abusive childhood. He is bipolar, suffers from daily to hourly hallucinations, and has DID (multiple personality disorder). He has been a member of the self-published fantasy community for four and a half years now, has published fourteen books, with plans to publish countless more. … Read more

Cover reveal: ‘Flesh Eater’ by Travis Riddle

Flesh Eater book cover

We at FantasyBookReview are honored to reveal the cover of Travis Riddle’s upcoming release, Flesh Eater, the first book of the Houndstooth series! We have both the eBook cover as well as the full paperback wraparound version. Read the blurb, then feast your eyes below. Branded as a Flesh Eater, Coal is on the run from … Read more

I have the power: The problem with superheroes


I have the power: The problem with superheroes I’d imagine that the very title of this article is going to get me in trouble with a lot of people. Superheroes are after all modern cultural icons, with repeated films from Marvel and DC raking in the billions every year, and fans ranging from hardline comic … Read more

Cover reveal: BLIGHT MARKED, book three of Josh Erikson’s Ethereal Earth series

FantasyBookReview is thrilled to announce the release of the next book in Josh Erikson’s Ethereal Earth series, BLIGHT MARKED, and we have the cover reveal and pre-order info below! Erikson’s first book of his series, HERO FORGED, was our Senlin Saftey Net choice in SPFBO4 and we’ve been fans of the charismatic leads, demon battles, … Read more

2019 Year in Review

Pull up a chair and warm yourself by the hearth, good traveler! The day is late, and we’ve all journeyed from afar to get here. Our voyages over the past year has carved many a winding path through the vast fields of genre fiction; some roads have been recognizable, and others were unfamiliar and untrodden. … Read more

Kim Harrison’s RACHEL MORGAN is back in an all-new Hollows book! We have a COVER REVEAL and a message from Kim to share.

In 2014, devoted readers who had been following the adventures of witch-born demon Rachel Morgan for over ten years believed her story was coming to an end with the publication of The Witch With No Name, the thirteenth book in the Hollows series. It was the finale, the conclusion, and author Kim Harrison affirmed that … Read more

The Violent Fae Blog Tour

To celebrate the release of The Violent Fae, the closing chapter of the Ordshaw series’ The Sunken City Trilogy, Phil Williams is sharing twelve short stories from the city of Ordshaw. The Ordshaw Vignettes are tiny insights into life in the UK’s worst-behaved city, each presenting a self-contained mystery. You can read today’s story below. … Read more