My Top 30 Fantasy Books, by Joshua S Hill

Having been reviewing fantasy books for well over a decade now – and having been with Fantasy Book Review since 2008 – I have read a great many books: As of early 2020 I have written over 375 reviews for FBR. When Fantasy Book Review developed its new Top 100 Fantasy Books list it fell … Read more

Finishing the Book of the Fallen: Immediacy

There is something distressing in that moment when you flip onto the last page, seeing how the text doesn’t reach to the bottom of the page and, more often than not these days, seeing a different font-size alerting you to the fact you have finished the series. It’s bad enough with a trilogy. Finishing Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series I was left wanting more. So what hope did I have reaching the concluding pages of a series which had run into ten thick, thick books?

The Use of Language in Fantasy Novels

I sat down last night and picked up ‘The Blood Knight’, the third in Greg Keyes’ The Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone series. I finished the second book, ‘The Charnel Prince’ maybe a month or two ago and promptly found myself without the third (and fourth) to continue on with. The order from a certain … Read more

The New Jedi Order

A look at the list of Star Wars novels will see the Star Wars expanded universe split into several eras. There is the Rise of the Empire era, the Rebellion era, the New Republic era and the New Jedi Order era (as well as the Legacy era which follows). For the majority of those periods … Read more