Jeopardy questions, how to endanger characters

Pauline N Peril flees for her life down a rocky mountain path. To her left and right are pits of deadly red hot lava. Behind her are the minions of the evil Count von Cloakenstache. Pauline has discovered the count’s evil plans of evil, and is desperate to deliver them to the rebellion before it … Read more

Unpopular opinions! Why do you think what you think

Last week I received an email from Amazon telling me about all the things they wanted me to buy. What struck me about this email however, was that whatever the product, the only accolade anything was given, from books, to music, to clothes, to cinema tickets to the latest Netflix series, was that it was … Read more

Likeable characters in literature

Atticus Finch - literature's most likeable character?

Occasionally, whilst my lady is reading, I will hear an exasperated sigh, and when I ask what’s wrong, she will reply in a resigned tone: “I’m not enjoying this book, there’s just nobody in it I can like”. If you look on Google, you will find a large amount of essays, books, YouTube videos and … Read more

I have the power: The problem with superheroes


I have the power: The problem with superheroes I’d imagine that the very title of this article is going to get me in trouble with a lot of people. Superheroes are after all modern cultural icons, with repeated films from Marvel and DC raking in the billions every year, and fans ranging from hardline comic … Read more

The problem of evil, defending the dark lord

The dark lord in fantasy

Even though it was first proposed by writers like Ursula Le Guin back in the eighties, a view I’ve seen commonly expressed these days is that the chief appeal of traditional Tolkienesque fantasy is that it contains “moral absolutes.” The argument is that young (usually male), readers are drawn to fantasy because it presents a … Read more

“The Succeedinator”

written by Dark It is a central principle of Buddhism that the source of suffering is desire, and the ultimate way to achieve enlightenment is to rid oneself of desires. Since most characters we meet in fiction however are not highly advanced Buddhist adepts, it is central to any story with a character, that the … Read more


To begin, I will discuss hamburgers. What has this to do with formulae in books? Well not a lot, I just felt like playing some hunger games. Your basic burger has a few essential elements that exist for it to be a burger. You have the meat patty, the cheese, the bread bun, the sauce … Read more